Teekanne Mixed Fruit, 20 Tea Bags, 60g



Teekanne Mixed Fruit, 20 Tea Bags, 60g

Enjoy TEEKANNE Premium-Quality Mixed Fruit. We use only the highest quality and most flavorful ingredients in our 100% all-natural TEEKANNE Mixed Fruit which is free of caffeine, added sugars, artificial additives or preservatives. Quality Mixed Fruit is carefully monitored at each step in the process - from the selection of original ingredients, to careful blending and packaging of the finished tea bag - to guarantee that the high quality and fruity flavor of this healthy thirst-quenching drink make it directly to your cup - hot or iced.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS All TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas are 100% All-Natural with no added sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives & have zero calories.

Net Weight: 60g (20 tea bags)

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