Rocchetta Natural Spring Water FULL Case 12 x 1 Liter (Glass)



Rocchetta Natural Spring Water FULL Case 12  x 1 Liter (Glass)

Water of Health

Rocchetta water helps purify your body. Every day is by your side to be cleaned inside and beautiful outside.
  • Treatment

    Acqua Rocchetta, thanks to its low concentration of salts, quickly enters the circulation, penetrating into the intracellular spaces, purifying them of salts and soluble debris. During his journey he is charged with sodium and cleans the body of metabolic waste. This "washing" action involves a diffusion of water inside the tissues and accelerates the intra / extra cellular turnover, helping to create an environment favorable to cell metabolism. Rocchetta, by stimulating diuresis, purifies our body from the inside, which thus "works" more efficiently to be cleaned inside and beautiful outside.
  • Diuresis

    Acqua Rocchetta, thanks to its low content in mineral salts, is rapidly channeled into the kidneys where it promotes diuresis. This involves a real "washing of the organism" thanks to the circulation of water inside the tissues, with displacement and elimination of toxic salts and catabolites expelled by the action of water.
  • Hydration

    The skin is like a water tank. If the skin is well hydrated, the fibers that support it are tonic and elastic. But its water balance can easily be altered by external agents that can cause phenomena such as skin dehydration, dull and dull skin. Drinking lots of water helps to have a younger and more supple skin.
  • Net: 12 x 1 Liter Glass Bottles
  • Product of Italy

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