Rigoni di Asiago Mielbio Italian Honey Acacia (raw) 300g



Rigoni di Asiago Mielbio Italian Honey Acacia (raw) 300g

Ideal for those who love subtle flavors, Robinia honey -- commonly known as Acacia -- has notes of vanilla, almond and its flower namesake. It is very pale in color and translucent, with a color that varies from whitish to straw yellow. It crystallizes slowly, thanks to the high percentage of naturally-occurring fructose. Flavor. It is reminiscent of the sweet fragrance of the hills and foothills where it is harvested in spring. Pairings and tips: Ideal for sweetening drinks and making desserts. It's excellent combined with aged or soft cheese. It can also be enjoyed paired with ricotta or mascarpone.
  • Organic Italian Acacia Honey
  • Net: 300g (10.58oz)
  • Product of Italy

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