Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey Orange Blossom Creamy, 10.58 oz



Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey Orange (raw and creamy)

It comes from the zagara flowers, which give it its intense and characteristic aroma. Pale-, white- or straw-colored, it's creamy and perfectly spreadable. It is harvested in Sicily and Calabria. Flavor. Pleasantly sweet and fragrant, reminiscent of almonds and orange peel. Pairings and tips: It is considered a treat especially for breakfast due to its creamy and fresh flavor; it is also excellent for sweetening tea and herbal infusions. It is used in many typical Sicilian dessert recipes, to which it adds its unmistakable flavor.
  • Organic Italian Orange Honey
  • Net weight: 10.58 oz - 300g
  • Product of Italy

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