Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey Orange Blossom Creamy, 10.58 oz

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Rigoni di Asiago Italian Honey Orange (raw and creamy)

It comes from the zagara flowers, which give it its intense and characteristic aroma. Pale-, white- or straw-colored, it's creamy and perfectly spreadable. It is harvested in Sicily and Calabria. Flavor. Pleasantly sweet and fragrant, reminiscent of almonds and orange peel. Pairings and tips: It is considered a treat especially for breakfast due to its creamy and fresh flavor; it is also excellent for sweetening tea and herbal infusions. It is used in many typical Sicilian dessert recipes, to which it adds its unmistakable flavor.
  • Organic Italian Orange Honey
  • Net weight: 10.58 oz - 300g
  • Product of Italy

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