Podravka Lino Lada Hazlenut Spread, 400g

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Podravka Lino Lada Hazlenut Spread, 400g

A delicious and healthy cream product of unique and recognisable taste, rich with milk.

Lino Lada Duo is produced from the best natural ingredients (the finest fried hazelnuts and whole milk). The secret lies in the carefully selected high quality ingredients, strict quality control, attractive design and original convenient packaging.

Thanks to its high-energy value Lino Lada Duo is an ideal addition to children's and athletes' diets. The high level of calcium makes it significant for well-balanced child development.

It can be used as a spread, a pancake filling, to accompany ice cream, in the preparation of cakes or gateaux or as a treat on its own.

Net Weight: 400g / 14 oz

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