Perle di Sole Lemon Flavored Gelèe Candies, 7.05 oz. Bag - 200g



Perle di Sole Lemon Flavored Gelèe Candies

Deliciously soft and tart, made with lemons from the Amalfi coast

  • Natural Lemon Gelèes
  • Net wt: 7.05 oz - 200g

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, fructose, fruit pulp (apple) 6%, lemon juice 0,4%, natural flavour: lemon essential oil 0,4%. Acidifying agent: (citric acid). Gelling agent: pectin. Turmeric added for color. GMO Free; Gluten Free; Allergen Free; Suitable for Halal; Natural Flavors; Natural Colors; Natural Flavors from Italian Lemon.

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