Pastene Black Beans 15.5 oz Can

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Pastene Black Beans

Black beans have a rich smoky flavor that has been compared to mushrooms, they have a velvety texture, yet hold their shape well during cooking. Pastene black beans have become very popular as an ingredient as well as a main dish. Today, black beans are enjoyed by most cultures around the world, bring Pastene black beans home for your family to enjoy.

If you're wondering how to replace red meat in your menus, enjoy the rich taste of Black Beans. Pastene Black Beans are a great source of protein and, when combined with a whole grain such as Pastene Whole Wheat Pasta or brown rice, provide protein comparable to that of meat or dairy foods without the high calories or saturated fat found in these foods. A cup of Black Beans will provide you with 16 grams of protein (that's 30% of the daily value for protein), plus 48% of the daily value for fiber. All this for a cost of only 240 calories with virtually no fat. Eat well, stay healthy with Pastene Black Beans.

INGREDIENTS: Black Beans, Water, Salt,

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