Paneangeli Tortagel Chiaro Box, 39g

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Paneangeli Tortagel Chiaro Box

Tortagel is the indispensable PANEANGELI put jelly on each fruit cake. It is a product that allows you to make the cake and fresh and prevents the Browning of fruit. Thanks to high-quality ingredients, carefully selected, gelatine has a delicate taste and slightly fruity and an optimal consistency, not too hard.Just a few simple gestures: Cook Tortagel with little sugar and water and distribute it evenly over the cake when cooled. With Tortagel PANEANGELI the fruitcake turns of immense ... goodness!

  • Tortagel is packed in a carton of 3 envelopes of 13g each. (box 39g)
  • Product of Italy

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