Pagani Ravioletti Filled with Cheese, 8.8oz

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Pagani Ravioletti Filled with Cheese, 8.8oz

Thanks to a special drying process, Pagani's products maintain their qualities perfectly for 12 months when stored at room temperature, without the addition of any artificial preservatives or additives. A little goes a long way: when cooked, our stuffed pastas increase almost three times in volume, creating exceptional value.

  • Durum wheat egg pasta with cheese filling.
  • Net Weight: 8.8 oz - 250g
  • Made in Italy
  • Ready in 15/17 minutes


  1. Cooking: Pour the Tortellini into lightly salted water (1.5 liters x 100g of product) just before it starts boiling. Cook for about 16 minutes.
  2. Store at room temperature.

Ingredients: Pasta (75%): durum wheat semolina, eggs (19.4% of pasta). Filling (25%): breadcrumbs (soft wheat flour, salt), assorted cheese (33% of the filling) [melted cheese powder (milk, whey milk, salt, enzyme), ricotta (8.2%) (whey milk, salt);Pecorino Romano DOP (2%) (sheep's milk, salt, rennet), Grana Padano DOP (2%) (milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme from egg)], vegetable shortening (coconut fat, sunflower oil, water), salt, flavorings, spices.

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