Ortiz Tuna Ventresca in Olice Oil, 110g Can

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Ortiz Tuna Ventresca in Olice Oil, 110g Can

This is not your mama's tuna fish. From the belly of the fish, that velvety, wonderful part known in sushi bars as Toro. It has a buttery, complex flavor and a creamy texture. Luscious and elegant, and perfect right from the tin. Ortiz's fish are line caught, one at a time, off the northwestern coast of Spain. They're then hand filleted at sea, and preserved in good olive oil. A whole new world of tuna! In a pretty jar for ease and lovely presentation. Ortiz has been preserving fish for 100 years. They exemplify the balance between modern techniques and scrupulous respect for traditional fishing methods, which means their products are best for the environment and your discerning taste.

Net: 110g Can

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