Mareblu Tuna in Olive Oil, 80g can

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Mareblu Tuna in Olive Oil, 80g can

The quality of tuna Mareblu is guaranteed origin. Mareblu he works directly on its tuna fishing site to maintain the integrity and quality nutrients. The origin of the meat is carefully controlled because we select only the finest tuna variety "yellow fin". The Yellowfin, which owes its name to the dorsal fin bright yellow in color, is found in tropical and subtropical seas; is characterized by light color, the more compact and more delicate flavor of the meat than the more common and less valuable, Skipjack tuna, smaller size and found in equatorial waters. Mareblu also directly controls every phase of the process due to its highly integrated supply chain. The result of this careful process of selection and processing is a natural product with no preservatives or additives. Mareblu offers a tasty tuna and compact to satisfy your pleasure!

Net: 80gr. can

Product of Italy

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