Maina Pandoro il Golosone Limon Crema, 750g

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Maina Pandoro il Golosone Limon Crema, 750g

with Limocello flavoring cream filled. Naturally leavened oven baked cake.

Ingredients: Wheat flour – Fresh eggs – Butter – Limoncello flavouring cream (Sugar, Water, Glucose-fructose syrup, Lemon infusion 5% corresponding to 0.7% of total ingredients, Skimmed milk powder, Thickener: Pectin, Preserving agent: Potassium sorbate, Natural flavours) – Sugar – Whole Fresh Pasteurized milk – Natural yeast (contains wheat) – Fructose – Emulsifying agent: mono diglycerides of fatty acids (of vegetal origin) – Cocoa butter – Salt – Flavours. Ingredients packet icing sugar: Sugar – Wheat starch – Flavours.

May contain traces of nuts and soya.
  • Net Weight: 750g - 26.45oz

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