Kras Ki-KI Vocna Fruit, 100g



Kras Ki-KI Vocna Fruit, 100g

All the KI-KI kids and those who feel that way will now get much joy from revamped KI-KI toffees. In addition to bright modern packaging and a whole bunch of new KI-KI clowns, all recipes have been improved.Having no artificial flavours or colours, with addition of fruits, vitamins and minerals, the innovated KI-KI Toffees have been created for health-conscious consumers who take care of the ingredients in the food they eat. A recognisable KI-KI logo and a popular tag-line “No matter where, KI-KI is everywhere!“ have remained features of the KI-KI brand, a favourite among children, that many generations have grown up with.

Net Weight: 100g / 3.5 oz

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