illy MOKA Ground Coffee Medium Roast, 250g can



illy MOKA Ground Coffee Medium Roast, 250g can

Small, two-chambered moka pots sit atop many Italian stovetops, easy to use and producing a full-bodied coffee, rich in aroma. While a sound-alike to café mocha, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder are nowhere to be found in the moka pot, named after the city of Mocha, Yemen -- an early center of coffee excellence. illy has spent decades understanding the dynamics of distinct preparation methods. Out of that emerged a custom grind of its signature blend for moka. Ground slightly coarser than the illy grind for espresso, illy for moka offers yet more taste-awakening proof of what nearly 80 years of passion for coffee can produce: pure pleasure in the cup.

Net Weight: 8.8 oz (250g) can

Made in Italy

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