Granoro Sfoglia Antica Pappardelle all'Uovo Pasta #122, 1.1lb



Granoro Sfoglia Antica Pappardelle all'Uovo Pasta #122, 1.1lb

Wide flat ribbon nests that are the same pasta as the number 134 Nidi Pappardelle, howevey the number 122 are made with eggs.

In this line the Pappardelle and Rustic are produced with selected semolina mixed with more than 5 eggs per kg. Their dough is rough, porous and thin like hand-rolled and have a very short cooking time. The thickness was studied because the pasta to cook in minutes. The package in case preserves the best integrity nests Browse Antica, preventing it from breaking.

Product of Italy

Cook time: 5 min.
Net Weight: 500g - 1.1lb.

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