Granoro Elbows (Gramigna Coquillettes) Pasta #49, 1lb

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Granoro Elbows (Gramigna Coquillettes) Pasta #49, 1lb

Elbows, or fagiolini, is a very versatile pasta cut. It can be used for soup, with pasta sauces, and perhaps most famously it is used for macaroni salad.

Formats Normal Semolina Granoro, fragrant and tasty they are made with durum semolina carefully selected and production process with a careful,respectful of the quality and characteristics of the raw material.
The whole production process of Granoro and conducted to enhance the organoleptic qualities of the semolina and particularly gluten,so what is not lost in the cooking water,which must be the most possible clear.

Product of Italy

Cook time: 10 min.
Net Weight: 454g - 1lb.

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