Ghiott Ghiottini Almond Biscotti Cookies, 1kg - 35oz bag

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Ghiott Ghiottini Almond Biscotti Cookies

In 1953, Enzo Salaorni's ingenuity reworked the ancient traditional recipe of cantuccini creating the Ghiottini, which are made with few raw materials but of excellent quality: fresh Tuscan milk, fresh eggs, Tuscan honey and selected almonds, the same ingredients as always. The Ghiottini are still today prepared with fresh and simple ingredients, without the use of dyes, preservatives, genetically modified organisms or hydrogenated fats, just as tradition and the original recipe created by Enzo Salaorni in 1953 . They are packaged freshly baked, to keep intact all their fragrance and their fragrance.

  • Classic Italian cantuccini biscotti, (each box 8.8 ounces) of imported Italian almond Biscotti
  • Made with fresh eggs, Tuscan milk, butter, Italian honey and select almonds, no preservatives
  • Flecked with almonds and a hint of orange zest, delicious with ice cream and gelotti
  • Taste them by themselves, perfect with coffee or tea, also great for dipping in wine
  • Ghiottini Biscotti have been baked with family passion since 1953, the recipe has never changed


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