Galbusera Gluten Free ZeroGrano Farcito Cookies w/ Vanilla 160g

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Gluten-free biscuits with cocoa, vanilla cream filling.

The ZeroGrano is dedicated to all those who are intolerant to gluten but don't want to give up the goodness: a range of baked goods made with ingredients that are naturally gluten-free, but rich in taste.

Creamy Vanilla filling 25% (oils and non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, sugar, Dextrose from corn, rice starch, natural extract of vanilla), starch, cereals (corn, rice), tapioca Starch, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, potato starch, sugar, Dextrose, corn maltodextrin, Cocoa 5.5% (biscuit), hazelnuts, skim milk powder, fresh eggs, salt, raising agents (sodium acid Carbonate, Ammonium hydrogen carbonate, monocalcium phosphate), flavourings, Emulsifier lecithin, sunflower.

Product Of Italy

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