Filippi Colomba Classic, 35.27 oz | 1 kg

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Filippi Colomba Classic

Filippi’s “Classic Colomba” is the most traditional Italian Easter cake. It’s the highest expression of tradition and authenticity. Butter, flour, eggs and vanilla beans are skilfully mixed together to form the typical cell-like aspect of the natural leavening. Washington candied orange peels enrich its soft and dainty dough. Fine “prima Bari” almonds, sugar and egg white are mixed together to obtain a rich and crunchy icing which covers the “Classic Colomba”.

  • Net weight: 1000g - 35.27 oz
  • Product of Italy


 Candied orange peels 22.4% (orange peels, glucose syrup, sugar), Wheat flour, Butter, Fresh free-range egg yolk, Cane sugar, Water, Natural yeast (wheat flour, water), Italian honey, Fresh milk, Emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of vegetable fatty acids, Salt, Natural flavoring (vanilla pods). Ingredients for Icing 14%: Sugar, Fresh egg whites from free-range hens, Almonds, Olive oil, Rice flour, Almond flour, Apricot kernel flour. 

Contains: wheat, almonds, milk, eggs. May contain soy.

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