Bonifanti Pandoro Classic Corolla Gift Box, 1kg

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Bonifanti, Pandoro Classic Corolla Gift Box, 1kg

The classic Bonifanti Pandoro comes in the special Corolla pack that opens up as a fresh flower bud.

Soft dough according to the traditional Veronese recipe to be sprinkled with impalpable powdered sugar.

Wheat flour, fresh eggs, butter, sugar, pasteurized fresh whole milk, natural yeast, fructose, emulsifiers: monodiglycerides of fatty acids (of vegetable origin), cocoa butter, salt, flavorings. Ingredients of icing sugar sachet: wheat starch sugar, flavorings. Contains: Gluten, Milk, Eggs. May contain traces of dried nuts.

Nutritional table
Energy value 1760 KJ 419 Kcal Protein 7.9 g Carbohydrates 45.7 g Sugar 20.6 g Fat 21.7 g Saturated fat 14.1 g Trans fat 0.4 g Cholesterol 129 mg Fiber 1.8 g Sodium 240 mg

Curiosity and advice
To fully enjoy the soft fragrance of our Pandoro we suggest you keep it, two hours before serving it, in a warm environment or near a heat source. After having sprinkled it with icing sugar, in order not to alter its softness, it is good to cut it with a long and serrated knife without exerting pressure. Store the uneaten product in its original bag, closing it tightly.

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