Bartolini Penne Farro Pasta, 17.6 oz - 500g



Bartolini Penne Farro Pasta

Bartolini farro pasta distinguishes itself for its fragrant taste and the excellent nutritional properties. 
Farro, indeed, is a cereal rich in vitamin B, proteins and fibers.
Pasta is bronze drawn, in order to obtain a porous dough which favors the “blending” with the sauce. Dehydration is a slow process (about 30 hours) thus maintaining the highest possible value of proteins, gluten and vitamins.

  • Stone ground wholemeal flour
  • Bronze Drawing
  • Net wt: 17.6 oz - 500g
  • Product of Italy

Ingredients:  Farro wholemeal seed corn.

Contains Gluten, It might contain traces of eggs. 

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