Bartolini Emilio Black Truffle Oil 8.4 FL OZ Glass

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Bartolini Emilio Black Truffle Oil Glass

All of our dressings derive from the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil that we produce. The former are ready-made for a new and brilliant way of flavouring every kind of dish. The range of dressings comprises the White and Black Truffle flavourings which are a natural combination between the unmistakable aroma of Truffles and the great natural taste of extra-virgin olive oil together with flavours such as Boletus mushrooms, hot peppers, basil, rosemary, garlic and lemon. The simple way of making our dressings is to knowingly adding flavours to the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, the successive filtering process and the addition of part of the utilized ingredients.

A few drops of our olive oil are sufficient to give dishes their tasty flavour, without altering natural taste.

  • Net Content: 8.4 FL. OZ. (250 mL)
  • Product of Italy

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