Agromonte Cherry Tomato Sauce, 11.64 oz ( 330g)

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Agromonte Cherry Tomato Sauce

Cherry tomatoes (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, carrot, onion, basil, celery, sugar.

The Agromonte sauce is made from cherry tomatoes, a typical Sicilian delicacy, and is processed, only in the summer months, with natural processes using only quality ingredients. Its sweet taste, also greatly enjoyed by children, and the low acidity content, make it a unique and inimitable product.

Ahromonte Cherry tomato pasta sauce is always made with the highest quality cherry tomatoes from our farms in Sicily within 24 hours from harvest.

We use only the freshest raw ingredients, never from concentrate and any colorants or preservatives added.
  • Net Weight: 11.64 oz - 330g
  • Product of Sicily Italy

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