Vicenzi Minivoglie Assorted Cookies in Tin, 17.64 oz

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Vicenzi Minivoglie Assorted Cookies in Tin

Minivoglie assortment of pastry in Tin.

A rich selection of fine pastries in the Matilde Vicenzi Mini Vogue biscuit, a delicious assortment of chocolates filled with chocolate or custard cream, delicious pastries made from pastry stuffed with delicate jam and butter or cocoa butter in an elegant can decorated. A sweet gift for the people or a gift to be made to themselves. A precious treasure chest of goodness. List of ingredients Biscotteria Minivoglie

Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils (palm oil, sunflower oil), glucose syrup - fructose, eggs, cocoa powder, cherry puree, modified starch, butter, yeasts (sodium carbonate, carbonate acid ammonium, tartaric cremor), malt extract, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, salt, lactose, gelling agent: pectin, acidifying: citric acid, aromas, egg white powder, lemon juice powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin .

Net Weight: 500g

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