Caffe Torrisi Super Miscela,1kg Beans



Caffe Torrisi Super Miscela,1kg Beans

Torrisi roasters since 1911, they have produced some of the best Espresso coffee in Italy by using traditional methods with advanced technologies right from their factory in Sicily. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, the most volatile components of the coffee's aroma and flavor are preserved. A calibrate atmosphere, formed by inert gas, is introduced inside the package in the place of the extracted air with the vacuum packing. This method of packing keeps total protection of the flavor and aroma of the beans, insuring that the coffee will always be superior in quality that you can taste, cup after cup. This is by far one of the best Espresso coffees that we have tried, perfect with a fine cigar morning noon or night!
  • Net: 1000g
  • Product of Italy

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